About Us

Enika Surgicals is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Surgical, beauty and precision instruments servicing leading Japanese and European healthcare markets. ENIKA supplies its good to Private and Public Hospitals, healthcare trust, Dental hospitals, Veterinary Practices, Beauty parlors, Enika has a Global reputation for Quality, excellence and Outstanding service. Our Products comprise of instrumenst used in various surgical disciplines ranging from ENT, Gynecology, Orthopedic instruments and implants, Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Urology, Intestinal, Proctology and many more. Enika adheres to strict compliance with, Japanese, British, European and International Quality management Standards.
Our Instruments are exclusively manufactured by hand using traditional methods and excellent craftsmanship. Each and every single instrument is inspected against an established and continuously evolved quality criterion. The depth of our business in the Japanese markets has focused our company policies, strategies, and management principles towards Continuous improvement and KAIZEN. We are a Customer oriented company and customers are at the forefront of our business. Enika prides itself on taking utmost care and to ensure we provide top class instruments and first class service to our customers.
We believe in using high quality Stainless Steel for the correct surgical application and thus our instruments wash and reprocess as they should. In house nitric acid passivation on all instruments ensures that all impurities in the Stainless Steel are detected prior to the instruments being dispatched.
Throughout the manufacture we maintain complete traceability for all materials used and if required, we will supply certificates of conformity for all materials used.
ENIKA is member of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and have qualified DIN EN ISO 9002 system of manufacturing while have achieved QSR also.
Company Background
The Family business which was started in 1960 is built around the master craftsmanship of its founder Mr. Abdul Majeed. Mr. Abdul Majeed started out as a surgical instruments maker in the early years of his adulthood. He quickly established his name throughout the industry through his skills, attention to quality and eye for details. Over the years of his career, he named the various designs throughout his carrier of many unique instruments and a large following of apprentices. During his career he was regarded as the Master-craftsman and most revered member of the guild of surgical instrument manufacturers.  He later established Enika Surgical Manufacturing Company to brand his instruments and quickly turned the business into a success. His commitment to quality and precision has enabled Enika to capture a huge share of the market and turned Enika into a Global Company.
Under the Leadership of Mr. Mudassar Ahmed, Mr. Nasir Ahmed & Mr. Mansoor Ahmed  (Sons of Mr. Abdul majeed), since 1989, Enika has two manufacturing Plants. Enika houses state-of-art machinery and manufacturing procedures. With the use of cutting edge technology and efficient systems.
In order to accommodate the recent growth of the company, Enika has doubled the footprint of its corporate headquarters in Sialkot, housing a new repair center and laboratory staffed by 40 highly qualified technicians.
Company Philosophy
In order to continue to grow in the competitive healthcare market, Enika must continue its long standing corporate policy of taking care of the customer.
By taking care of our employees, we are able to take care of the customer. Our employees are the key to the success of our organization,
Our Values Unite to Build the Success of Our Team
Our customers are vital to the success of our team. We understand and meet our customers' needs by delivering the highest quality products while maintaining strong relationships based on trust and appreciation.
Our company provides a professional and open work environment. Our passion for a better quality of life drives our involvement in our community and gives us pride.
Positive Goals
Our dedicated team will always take a positive approach to meet our goals by elevating one another to new levels of excellence as we share knowledge through constant communication with each other.
Our employees are empowered as individuals with the authority to serve our customers, and are given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Self-motivation, loyalty and a respect for others contribute to the successful operation of our business.

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